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Nerf Super Soaker TornadoStrike Review

Summer is officially here!  It’s time for some fun in the sun and for me that means one thing; the POOL!  I am a huge fan of bringing my water blasters along when we go outside to our pool, I mean, what’s more fun than splashing about in water above your head while blasting my family with a Super Soaker.  I wouldn’t recommend doing this at close range, trust me, getting temporarily blinded by a point blank ShotBlast shot to the eye is just as painful and hilarious as you might believe.

Today I offer to you the Super Soaker TornadoStrike, another of the new Super Soaker line to utilize the water clip system.  The blaster has a rotating 6 nozzle cylinder fired by pumping the slider on the bottom of the blaster’s body, there is no trigger.  The TornadoStrike also comes with a detachable butt stock which is a redesign of the N-Strike Raider’s butt stock but if it isn’t broke and all that. Continue reading Nerf Super Soaker TornadoStrike Review