Monthly Archives: July 2011

Gear Up series Overview

It’s that time of year again!  Time to prepare for the next anniversary release from Nerf.  Last year we were told to “Clear the way!” for the 09/10/’10 release of the Stampede ECS 50 blaster.  The clear the way series took come of our favorite blasters and stripped them down, showing off their innards for all the world to see.  This year Nerf is asking us to “Gear Up!” for the unleashing of the Vortex series of disk launchers on 09/10/’11.

Thanks to our friends at Nerf we have the opportunity to give you a preview of three of the repainted blasters from this limited edition series.  The Gear Up series consists of the Raider, Maverick, Barracade and Recon blasters featuring a new two tone grey, black and orange color scheme with diagonal stripes marking parts of the body.  Continue reading Gear Up series Overview


Dart Tag Jam Prevention Tips

With new mechanisms in blasters, there are bound to be issues. Since their release, this appears to be true of the new Dart Tag line of blasters. Many people have been having issues with the Speedload 6 and Quick 16 internal clip jamming and ruining darts, and coming to us with this issue in hopes of a fix. Well, we’re here to help!
It is my belief that neither the users or the mechanism alone is to blame for these problems, but that it is a combination of the two. We are also guilty of destroying a dart or two in the process of learning how these blasters work (which sucks, because you can’t buy any of the new style darts separately). There just seems to be a bit of a learning curve with these blasters. In the first few days, we have come upon a few key tips in the successful operation of these blasters. Continue reading Dart Tag Jam Prevention Tips


Comic-con Exclusive Optimus Prime Barricade RV-10

Check this out, an exclusive Comic-con Nerf Blaster! I know Mr. S was very excited about this, since he is an avid Optimus Prime Collector. Unfortunately, we learned that this was a comic-con exclusive blaster. But then, we read that not only will it be available in San Diego, but also on for a short time (while supplies last) after the convention is over this weekend. You can bet we’ll be eagerly waiting for this to pop up on their website once the con ends! I hope that this isn’t the last blaster we see like this, maybe next time it will be a Barricade Barricade!


Nerf Summer Sweepstakes


Nerf is holding a sweepstakes on their Facebook page where they’re giving away 12 prize packages (1 each day) as well as a grand prize package containing some great gear from all of their product lines (they’re giving 1 grand prize at the end of the sweepstakes). This contest is open to residents of the US and Canada (Except Quebec), so hurry to the Nerf Nation Facebook page or click the image above and enter for some great prizes!