Monthly Archives: December 2011

3rd Party Nerf Accessories

Normally we wouldn’t post things like this, but we don’t see 3rd party blaster accessories as any kind of modification. A company called Random Hat, LLC is working towards creating a line of accessories for Nerf Blasters that covers accessories not already made by Nerf. We have to say that we like this idea, and the prototypes that they’ve already made have promise!

But they need your help to continue to make progress. So please take this survey: and give them a bit of information on the Nerf Nation!


Toys R’ Us Sale!

We have two different sales from TRU that are pretty decent deals. The first, you can get a FREE dart tag jersey with the purchase of any Dart Tag blaster! This one’s a limited sale, it’s only going tomorrow, Wednesday the 14th until midnight. So cash in on the deal while it lasts!



The second deal goes until the 17th of December. When you purchase a Vulcan EBF-25, you get a free belt and ammo!


The AFoN Show Episode 5: All the world’s a game!

Here’s the 5th episode of The AFoN Show! In this episode, we talk about games! We are game designers by education (we have bachelors degrees in video game design and development) and we use this unique perspective to talk to you about all the ways that Nerf have come up with to supplement your play experience!

This is going to be the last episode of the year, but don’t worry! We have plenty of content for 2012!

Let us know what you think! We’d also like suggestions on content and segments we could do in future episodes, so leave a comment or email us at contact [at] (we won’t do any modding content at all).