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The AFoN Show Episode 6: The Competition

Here it is! The 6th episode of the AFoN Show, the first of 2012! In this shorter episode, Mr S. and I compete in two challenges to see who’s better with Nerf Blasters. Who do you think is better? Watch to find out!

Let us know what you think! We’d also like suggestions on content and segments we could do in future episodes, so leave a comment or email us at contact [at] (we won’t do any modding content at all).


Light it Up Series! (Firefly Tech blasters)

Finally Nerf has released information and pictures on the Light it Up Series Blasters! The Rayven CS-18 and the Lumitron use ‘Firefly Technology’ (glow-in-the-dark ammo) to Light Up your battles! Instead of a built-in flashbulb ‘light charger’ like the original Firefly Blaster, these blasters use special clips with tiny LEDs in them to charge the dart/disc just before firing. Continue reading Light it Up Series! (Firefly Tech blasters)


Nerf 2011 Line-up Year End Review

2011 has come and gone.  In its wake we have a lot to reflect on, it’s been a BIG year in the world of Nerf.  Not to leave anything out, we’re not going to do a “best of” for the year.  Instead, we’re going to break down all the Nerfy goodness of 2011(in no particular order) and throw it all on the chopping block for one last year end review.  There’s a lot of material to cover so sit down, strap in and prepare for takeoff!

Super Soaker

Summer fun got a big shot of awesome in 2011 with some major overhauls to the Super Soaker line.  Not only did the entire lineup get a frosty new paint job, but some new blasters changed the face of modern Super Soaker play.  There were a few impressive additions to aqua warfare coolness, most basic of which being the Point Break and Scatter BlastContinue reading Nerf 2011 Line-up Year End Review