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Spy Net Briefcase Blaster Review

It’s about time we finally give some face time to the other brands that make contributions to fun with dart blasters.  There are some pretty cool things out there that aren’t made by Nerf, and sometimes they get forgotten.  We here at AFoN enjoy dart blasters of all brands, and here’s one of my recent favorites; the Briefcase Blaster from Jakks Pacific’s Spy Net line.

I’ve always liked the concept of a briefcase machine gun, and this is about as close as I’ve ever seen in toy form.  In briefcase mode, all of the blaster bits are hidden save for the priming handle.  It looks pretty cool, albeit a little small in scale for an adult.  The handle is large enough for adult hands and overall the briefcase has good weight.

Now let’s talk about ammo.  The Briefcase Blaster comes with a 6 round clip and uses darts that are almost exactly the same as Nerf’s Streamline or Clip System darts.  Though the clip itself is made out of a slightly thinner plastic than Nerf’s clips, it is still sturdy.  It uses a stronger spring, which holds the darts firmly but does compress them over time. Continue reading Spy Net Briefcase Blaster Review