About AFoN

AFoN (or Adult Fans of Nerf) was started way back in 2009 by Mr. K and Mr. S to celebrate our shared enjoyment of Nerf blasters. Over the years it’s grown in to a fun hobby, and in the fall of 2011, we started filming the AFoN Show, where we review and discuss blasters of the past and present as well as other Nerf-related information.

We are collectors, but we believe that toys are meant to be played with, and we do so quite frequently. AFoN is recognized by Nerf as ‘Nerf Community Ambassadors’ and we are frequently invited to check out the latest and greatest blasters in New York City. It’s there that we communicate with some of the designers and engineers of Nerf toys to give them feedback on what they’ve come out with, and what the community thinks.

We don’t just play with or review Nerf toys either. We are open to reviewing all manner of toy blasters, and have reviewed toys from Zing, BuzzBee, Maxforce, and other brands that release toy blasters every once and awhile. We take pride in our honest reviews, and other than receiving products to review sometimes, we neither want nor need any compensation for our reviews. We enjoy what we do, and believe that any compensation would cloud our judgment and possibly damage any credibility we have.

If you or your company have a product you would like us to review, please contact us using the information in the ‘Contact Us’ section below.

About Mr. K and Mr. S

Matt (Mr. K, 26) and Travis (Mr. S, 30) met in 2005 while attending school for a bachelor’s degree in Video game design and Development in Minnesota. Shortly before graduating, they purchased a set of Nerf Dart Tag Hyperfires, and they were hooked. After graduating and while unsuccessfully searching for careers in the game design industry, they started the Adult fans of Nerf blog. They have been enjoying every minute of their hobby ever since.

Mr. K and Mr. S currently have full-time jobs working in computer controls and technical support respectively.

AFoN’s stance on Modding

Mr. K and Mr. S were initially against modding in the early days of running this site; but over the years they’ve become more knowledgeable about modding and the community in general, and have come to accept modding as an integral part of the Nerf Internet Community. Mr. K and Mr. S do not modify any of their blasters, nor have any intention on doing so in the future and appreciate community members not discussing mods on any of AFoN’s forums/sites.

Modding can be dangerous, so learn all you can about the potential hazards. Hasbro’s stance remains that Nerf Blasters should not be modified due to safety issues.

Contact Us

Questions? Comments?  Let us know!

If you have any Nerf related questions, we are glad to answer them. If we don’t know the answer, we’ll find it for you.

Email us at: questions [at] adultfansofnerf.com or contact [at] adultfansofnerf.com

We’ll take pretty much any question, from where to find a blaster, to what blaster is best for any given situation. Remember: the only stupid question is one left unasked.



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