BrickForge Dart Tag Accessory Packs

Image courtesy of BrickForge
Image courtesy of BrickForge

Are you an Adult Fan of Lego as well as an Adult Fan of Nerf? Then you might want to check out one of BrickForge’s latest offerings: a Dart Tag accessory pack! They’re offering two different packs, to allow you to construct two different dart tag teams (figures not included). They are both $6 a piece, which is a bit high when one is talking about a few accessories, but these are high quality and made in the US in smaller batches. The packs are:

Dart Tag (Delta Team)
– Maverick Hair
– Dart Tag Vest – Black w/ Medium Orange Crosshairs
– Medium Orange Darts (x2)
– Megagun
– Bow Striker – White
– Multi Arrow Pack
– Canister Gun – Bright Light Orange
– ‘Foam’ Sword – Lime Green & Medium Orange
– Automag – Lime Green

Dart Tag (Alpha Team)
– Hero Hair
– Dart Tag Vest – Black w/ Lime Crosshairs
– Lime Green Darts (x2)
– Megagun
– Shotgun – Bright Light Orange
– Bow Striker – Bright Light Orange
– Multi Arrow Pack
– Canister Gun – Lime Green
– ‘Foam’ Sword – Rust

It also looks like they’ll be offering a pair of Super Soaker accessory packs in the future as well, though as of the writing of this article, they’re not available on their store. Check them out, as well as their other awesome offerings at


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