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UK Nerf’s Toy Fair lowdown

321253 Nerf Demolisher 1[2]Over in the UK, Toy Fair is over, and UK Nerf has a write-up covering what they’ve seen at Hasbro’s closed-door booth. Of course he couldn’t take pictures, so along side the pictures we’ve seen he treats us to a description of what he’s experienced.

The Thunderbow doesn’t work like I had previously assumed; it apparently works somewhat like the Heartbreaker bow. When the string is pulled back the top arm comes back and once pulled back all the way, you release the string and off the Mega Dart goes. It seems to suffer from the same drawback problems that the Heartbreaker bow does, where if you don’t pull it back all the way you get shortened ranges.

The Agent Bow’s arms don’t flex like normal bows, but instead the string is made of some sort of latex or silicone like material. I’m very curious about this, since it makes it somewhat similar to the ever-popular Zing bows.

The Demolisher is quite the interesting blaster and while it is semi-auto now, it may become full-auto before it’s released because of the popularity of the full-auto Rapidstrike. The launcher underneath indeed does not come off, just like it appears in the pictures we’ve seen. It also sounds like it gets pretty decent ranges despite having a very simple method of operation. When you push the slide forward it primes the launcher and it launches on the pull back.

There was also a mysteriously empty stand in the booth, and when asked for information, the Hasbro attendants were mum on what was there. It’s speculated that it is a fairly large Elite blaster based on the size and position of the stand, and it sounds as though more information will be unveiled at/before ToyFair NY (Feb 16-19).

I don’t want to give it all away here, go check out his article here for more detailed information!


Pocket Retires, Urban Taggers 2010-2013


It honestly doesn’t seem like it’s been so short of a time, but there it is. Pocket began Urban Taggers in 2010, and 3 short years later, he’s regarded as the largest blog in the NIC (and rightly so). Now, he’s retiring from the blog scene and going out on top. His opinions and rants have been held in high regards here in the AFoN bunker, and they will be missed. We hope that at some point in the near future he decides to continue posting, even if it winds up being less frequent in his free time when nostalgia gets the better of him.

Either way, we wish him the best, and hope that he receives as much respect in his next endeavor as he did writing about toy blasters. If you’d like to drop by and leave him a comment, you can check out his farewell post here.


Around the Nerf Net: Nerf Nerd Night


Check out these great videos by an Italian Nerf group calling themselves Nerf Nerd Night! And check out their channel on Youtube for more! Their videos are well made, and it’s great to get to see how people enjoy their Nerf blasters in other countries! I also have to say that I enjoy videos like these far more than those that edit in muzzle flash. I absolutely abhor the use of muzzle flash in videos that use stock Nerf blasters because it reinforces the idea that they are guns, and they’re not. But that is something better left for another post, another day.