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Snipe Kickstarter Canceled due to Middle-Eastern Turmoil

We received some news from the Snipe camp yesterday. They have to cancel their Kickstarter due to the conflict going on in their home country of Israel. The problems going on there have been preventing Snipe’s contributors from being able to work on the project and spreading word about it.

This is unfortunate, but once things settle down a bit, they’ve said:

“We plan to regroup, reevaluate, and prepare ourselves for a relaunch! At the same time we’ll work around the clock to improve the SNIPE gear and game features, in order to create a one-of-a-kind gaming experience.”

As soon as they do re-launch their Kickstarter we will be certain to let you know. Mr. S and I hope that the Snipe team and their families remain safe in this chaos.


Prime Swords – Soft Customizable Swords on Kickstarter

Check out these swords by Formidable Toys, now on Kickstarter! They’re more than half-way to their goal of $40,000 and need your help to make their toy a reality! I’ve already backed their effort, and when they succeed, I’ll be getting a Eon Sword for myself to use on the battlefield.

They’re very interesting toys, with interchangeable handles, hilts,and blades. Personally I lean toward liking the more futuristic swords myself, but I can’t help but like where they’d like to take this in the future with the dragon head hilts.

You should also check out Snipe while you’re on Kickstarter; it’s another campaign I’ve backed!