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Dart Tag Jam Prevention Tips

With new mechanisms in blasters, there are bound to be issues. Since their release, this appears to be true of the new Dart Tag line of blasters. Many people have been having issues with the Speedload 6 and Quick 16 internal clip jamming and ruining darts, and coming to us with this issue in hopes of a fix. Well, we’re here to help!
It is my belief that neither the users or the mechanism alone is to blame for these problems, but that it is a combination of the two. We are also guilty of destroying a dart or two in the process of learning how these blasters work (which sucks, because you can’t buy any of the new style darts separately). There just seems to be a bit of a learning curve with these blasters. In the first few days, we have come upon a few key tips in the successful operation of these blasters. Continue reading Dart Tag Jam Prevention Tips


Introducing: Ask AFoN

If you have any Nerf related questions, we are glad to answer them. If we don’t know the answer, we’ll find it for you. Simply email us at:

We’ll take pretty much any question, from where to find a blaster, to what blaster is best for any given situation. Remember: the only stupid question is one left unasked. We will be posting a couple questions and answers here every now and again, to share the wealth so-to-speak.