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The time has come: Elite Suction Darts Review


The first ever Nerf dart was the suction dart, so it is only fitting that each generation of Nerf ammo has a suction variety. The Elite Streamline ushered in a new generation of Nerf darts; and with it, I had thought (read: hoped) there would be a newly designed suction variety of some sort.

Recently, and without forewarning, Hasbro released this new Elite version of the suction dart; one that is made to work with any dart launching blaster, including clip system blasters! Yes, you’ve read that right! These new Universal Elite Suction Darts work quite well with any blaster that fires from clips. I had absolutely no issue firing from clip system blasters, even when using a mix of the Elite Streamline and Elite suction darts.

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Sakar Nerf Branded ‘Blaster Cam’

This, sadly, is another disappointing Sakar product with the Nerf name on it. About 6 months ago, this popped up online in vague pictures and descriptions as the ‘Nerf Blaster Cam’. I managed to find one earlier this week, and well, a blaster cam it is not. It’s just a shitty camera (320×240 video resolution, and 1mp photo) that Sakar has been allowed to put the Nerf logo on.

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Batman “The Dark Knight Rises” Triple Barrel Grapnel Blaster Review

It’s time for another review from outside the world of Nerf.  With the release of the movie The Dark Knight Rises coming to theaters soon, it’s probably time we talk about the Triple Barrel Grapnel Blaster that is in stores now.

This is the second Mattel Batman Dart blaster I’ve had the opportunity to own and test out, and the quality isn’t all that bad.  As far as plastic goes, the overall construction is solid, although the trigger feels a little loose especially when not primed.  The dart construction(comes with 3) is very similar to a Nerf Sonic dart.  Quality of foam in the body of the dart is pretty good, however the tip seems to b glued onto the body in a way that could lead to falling off after time. Continue reading Batman “The Dark Knight Rises” Triple Barrel Grapnel Blaster Review


Spy Net Briefcase Blaster Review

It’s about time we finally give some face time to the other brands that make contributions to fun with dart blasters.  There are some pretty cool things out there that aren’t made by Nerf, and sometimes they get forgotten.  We here at AFoN enjoy dart blasters of all brands, and here’s one of my recent favorites; the Briefcase Blaster from Jakks Pacific’s Spy Net line.

I’ve always liked the concept of a briefcase machine gun, and this is about as close as I’ve ever seen in toy form.  In briefcase mode, all of the blaster bits are hidden save for the priming handle.  It looks pretty cool, albeit a little small in scale for an adult.  The handle is large enough for adult hands and overall the briefcase has good weight.

Now let’s talk about ammo.  The Briefcase Blaster comes with a 6 round clip and uses darts that are almost exactly the same as Nerf’s Streamline or Clip System darts.  Though the clip itself is made out of a slightly thinner plastic than Nerf’s clips, it is still sturdy.  It uses a stronger spring, which holds the darts firmly but does compress them over time. Continue reading Spy Net Briefcase Blaster Review


Light it Up series Lumitron Review

Hey guess what, it’s the Lumitron!  Nerf added a new blaster to the Light it Up series recently, and while it’s basically a repaint of the Vortex Praxis it has those wonderful little features that set it apart from its darker green counterpart.

Let’s talk about the paint on the Lumitron first, because this is the only real thing that sets the Lumitron apart from the Praxis.  I’m going to call this new almost neon green color shared by the Lumitron and Rayven “Light it Up Green”, I like the hue more than the darker alien green of the Vortex series and think it looks really sharp on the Lumitron. Continue reading Light it Up series Lumitron Review


Dart Tag Speed Swarm Review

I know we’re all a little bit sad about Nerf’s recent Facebook announcement of no NTDL for 2012, but there’s still good stuff being released for the blaster line so it’s not a total loss.  The first 2012 Dart Tag blaster I have to review for you today is the SpeedSwarm.

The Speed Swarm is a beefy 10 round pistol.  It feels like you’re wielding a futuristic version of Hellboy’s Samaritan.  The overall weight of the blaster makes it a little off balance, mainly attributed to the battery load.  However, since the SpeedSwarm only uses 6 “AA” batteries the weight could be a lot worse.  The blaster fires at the pull of the trigger with no on/off switch.  Because of this there is a half second or so delay from initial trigger pull to first round firing, but this is really not that big of an issue as the SpeedSwarm unloads pretty quickly(as seen on The AFoN Show). Continue reading Dart Tag Speed Swarm Review


Light it Up series Rayven Review

Nerf keeps throwing us firsts.  We like it, keeps the game fresh, keeps people talking.  There has been lots of talk about the first blaster released from Nerf’s new Light it Up series; the Rayven.  I’ve heard the comments, this design isn’t very popular right now.  Let me assure you, this unique blaster is worth every penny.

The Rayven’s design is a major cause for concern throughout the community, the bullpup idea not sitting well in the stomachs of many a fan.  The bullpup puts the clip and firing action behind the trigger saving on space and weight.  I like the feel of the Rayven, it fits nice against my shoulder and the angled foregrip out in front makes the blaster very stable while aiming.  This design doesn’t differ much from that of the original glow in the dark blaster; the Firefly, which can’t technically be called bullpup as the firing action was on top of the trigger, not behind.  That being said, the Rayven is a lightweight, compact fly wheel powered blaster of awesomeness.  It really is.  Aside from the green paint job which I don’t really care for this thing has all the right things going for it.  It uses only 4 AA batteries, making it as efficient to power as the Barricade and stole my favorite feature from the Nitron; a second trigger on the grip to activate the fly wheels only when needed, not only saving battery life but keeping stealth a factor in play.

My least favorite thing about the good old Firefly was the giant flash that went off when you fired, it was annoying and totally gave away your position which is not ideal when dealing with a night fire situation.  Thanks to the Rayven’s new clip which charges darts individually as they move up the 18 round straight clip using 4 UV lights mounted at the top of the dart slide(where you load the darts into the clip) there is minimal risk of alerting your enemy to your presence.  The clip itself uses 3 AA batteries making the Rayven a total battery load of 7 AA’s which isn’t that bad.  The blaster is comfortable in both right and left hands and is not too difficult to dual wield if you so desire(it kinda makes you feel like a badass). Continue reading Light it Up series Rayven Review


Nerf 2011 Line-up Year End Review

2011 has come and gone.  In its wake we have a lot to reflect on, it’s been a BIG year in the world of Nerf.  Not to leave anything out, we’re not going to do a “best of” for the year.  Instead, we’re going to break down all the Nerfy goodness of 2011(in no particular order) and throw it all on the chopping block for one last year end review.  There’s a lot of material to cover so sit down, strap in and prepare for takeoff!

Super Soaker

Summer fun got a big shot of awesome in 2011 with some major overhauls to the Super Soaker line.  Not only did the entire lineup get a frosty new paint job, but some new blasters changed the face of modern Super Soaker play.  There were a few impressive additions to aqua warfare coolness, most basic of which being the Point Break and Scatter BlastContinue reading Nerf 2011 Line-up Year End Review