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BOGO 50% Off deal at Target!

sledgefireBuy one get one 50% off on select Nerf products at Target! This offer is  available both online and in-store, and until December 14th, 2013. The great news is that this deal works on already reduced prices, so if you were so inclined, you can get two Centurions for nine cents more ($44.98) than the pre-sale price of one ($44.89)!



Toys R’ Us Sale!

We have two different sales from TRU that are pretty decent deals. The first, you can get a FREE dart tag jersey with the purchase of any Dart Tag blaster! This one’s a limited sale, it’s only going tomorrow, Wednesday the 14th until midnight. So cash in on the deal while it lasts!



The second deal goes until the 17th of December. When you purchase a Vulcan EBF-25, you get a free belt and ammo!


Toys “R” Us Nerf Deals for the week of May 9th, 2010

Toys “R” Us is having a 25% off sale on the Unity Power System (aka the “Basic Blaster”) until the 15th of May. That takes a full 10 dollars off it’s base price of 39.99! It’s a great chance to get the powerful Titan AS-1 or the small and accurate Scout IX-3,  and if you’re lucky a well-functioning Hornet AS-6 (I’ve only seen about 1 of 4 work out of the box, but if you find one that works, they are fun). Go Get ‘Em!


Toys “R” Us Two Day Sale!

Toys “R” Us is having a two day sale this Friday and Saturday, both in store and Online. Unfortunately only one Nerf Blaster is included in this sale, and it’s the Maverick REV-6 (not the double your darts package). And its 40% off! That’s right, you can get the Maverick at Toys “R” Us for the low price of $6.59! Get it low while you can on this classic Nerf Blaster!