8 thoughts on “Centurion posted for pre-order!

  1. now that it’s been in your hands for a few months, are any of you experiencing issues? Ive heard tales of this chewing up darts, for example.

    1. Honestly the only problems we have is the Mega darts careening off target. The only dart I nearly chewed up was one that I had put an elite dart inside and fired.

  2. MLD i don’t do that anymore you gave me good advice and you got me to stop. also sorry about the amazon thing it said delivered by Aug 3 – Sept 1 I didn’t have my contacts in. and i was on the iphone version which i never read the things right because its small text

  3. Amazon. I canceled it just now because of its slow release date it will most likely be in stores before online in this case. thats why i hate amazon preorders

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