Dart Tag Jam Prevention Tips

With new mechanisms in blasters, there are bound to be issues. Since their release, this appears to be true of the new Dart Tag line of blasters. Many people have been having issues with the Speedload 6 and Quick 16 internal clip jamming and ruining darts, and coming to us with this issue in hopes of a fix. Well, we’re here to help!
It is my belief that neither the users or the mechanism alone is to blame for these problems, but that it is a combination of the two. We are also guilty of destroying a dart or two in the process of learning how these blasters work (which sucks, because you can’t buy any of the new style darts separately). There just seems to be a bit of a learning curve with these blasters. In the first few days, we have come upon a few key tips in the successful operation of these blasters.

1.) Use Two or Three fingers when loading darts. Don’t just push the darts into the clip, you must use even pressure on each end of the dart to assure that it is loaded straight. This is so the mechanism can grab the dart easily when cocking the blaster.

2.) When loading, be sure that the cocking mechanism is all the way forward. If it isn’t the dart will be harder to fit into the clip, and may not be straight enough to enter the chamber.

3.) When cocking the blaster, be sure to pull the handle all the way back (unless of course it jammed somewhere in the process). This is especially important when taking advantage of the Slam-Fire capability in these blasters.

4.) One of the most important and under-stated tips for any blaster is to not store your darts in the blasters or any clips. It is my belief that this is one of the biggest causes of jamming in blaster that you’ve owned for awhile. This can not only deform the darts so they don’t load properly, but can also lead to mis-fires and poor performance down the road. We’ve noticed in the new Dart Tag blasters that storing your darts in the internal clip can also cause the darts to not rise in the clip, which can cause misfires. That is solved by simply shaking the blaster a bit to loosen the darts.

So that’s it! With these tips, we believe that you can save your darts from the trash bin. If you have any questions about these blasters, or any other Nerf questions be sure to email us at questions [at] adultfansofnerf.com we’ll be sure to answer them as quickly as we can, and they might even appear in another article.


5 thoughts on “Dart Tag Jam Prevention Tips

  1. I have also noticed that the dart tag darts work best. Whistlers work, but the rubber tips get caught on the plastic, causing more friction and therefore, jams. The velco is without that problem, because the velcro slides across the smooth plastic better.

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