Dart Tag Speed Swarm Review

I know we’re all a little bit sad about Nerf’s recent Facebook announcement of no NTDL for 2012, but there’s still good stuff being released for the blaster line so it’s not a total loss.  The first 2012 Dart Tag blaster I have to review for you today is the SpeedSwarm.

The Speed Swarm is a beefy 10 round pistol.  It feels like you’re wielding a futuristic version of Hellboy’s Samaritan.  The overall weight of the blaster makes it a little off balance, mainly attributed to the battery load.  However, since the SpeedSwarm only uses 6 “AA” batteries the weight could be a lot worse.  The blaster fires at the pull of the trigger with no on/off switch.  Because of this there is a half second or so delay from initial trigger pull to first round firing, but this is really not that big of an issue as the SpeedSwarm unloads pretty quickly(as seen on The AFoN Show).

All in all the SpeedSwarm is a down sized SwarmFire, they just took all the good parts and put them in a smaller frame making a more desirable lighter weight high rate of fire blaster.  In competitive play I would definitely chose SpeedSwarm over SwarmFire.  Even though I like the SpeedSwarm, I have to say its pretty average overall.  It gets decent distance, but nothing above a good Maverick or Barricade.  It has a good rate of fire, faster than some dart tag blasters, but again not as fast as you can shoot a Barricade. The SpeedSwarm does have a lower price point than the SwarmFire and takes a lighter battery load so it won’t break the bank if you’re on a budget(another reason to use it over SwarmFire for competitive play).

I definitely think the SpeedSwarm is worth picking up, its a solid average blaster that definitely has a place in your arsenal.  Hit up your favorite retailer and check it out!  Stay tuned to AFoN for more reviews and news on your favorite products.


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