Deploy CS-6 (Updated)

A new Nerf blaster has come to my attention within the last couple of days, and it’s called the Deploy CS-6. Brought to light by kevinericon on the NerfHaven Forums (here), it’s a previously uknown Clip System N-Strike blaster with an unknown release date stateside (Although if you look hard enough on Chinese auction sites you can find it).

It’s billed as a flashlight that transforms into a blaster, but it’s really more of a blaster that transforms into a more compact package. But it’s still a pretty cool looking blaster. More information as I find it.

UPDATE: I found this video of the Deploy in action on Youtube:

Another Update: Here are the current worldwide releases of the Deploy CS-6: UK – July, North America – March, France – October, Germany & Mexico – August, Brazil – April and Singapore – February.


21 thoughts on “Deploy CS-6 (Updated)

  1. Have it. Its really cool, I have it in clear and it doesn’t jam. The recon however jams a lot. It tore and ripped my darts which was a bummer. But the deploy is non jamable to me. I love it. Its my fav nerf gun. (for now).

  2. the deploy cs-6 is a cool gun but,the bullets it comes with arent like the other at super target in atwater they have it on sale for 17.99.also the box one of you got is a old box because the box i got dosnot show the carring strap on the handle. i read all of your comments .Thank You!! :):):):):):):)

  3. I just got this today. One thing is wrong, they provide a strap but when you look at the handle, theres no way to put the strap compared on the picture of the box. I dunno if you called it reject or defect. But all in all its a cool gun

  4. i got one last night. when u convert to blaster mode its loud not so stealthy.
    it shoots freety far and it was $21.59 at walmart. basicly same as recon cs6 but fires better and dosnt jam

  5. According to the Nerf Nation facebook page, they’re looking at a March release date for the US. They’ve posted that it will be available in Canada in March as well.

  6. I really like the compact mode for this blaster. Once it comes out and I can get my hands on it I am going to look into fabricating a back mounted “holster” for it. I very much look forward to the Deploy.

  7. I play Humans VS Zombies here in college, and something like this would be perfect to keep in a backpack during class and break out between them.

  8. The only thing it has going for it is the pump handle. The flashlight, scope and compact mode don’t really seem that useful, just gimmicky for kids.

  9. As best as we can tell, it does not change into a laser point when in blaster mode, all though that is strictly from the packaging as we don’t have one in hand as of yet.

  10. This gun looks so stupid to me. Why would i want a gun that turns into a flashlight? How would that help me in a nerf war? I would rather have the spartan or the vengeance releashed over this p.o.s. The vengeance while the silencer to some looks stupid, to me I would rather have that then the maverick. Thats just my opinion, and nobody has to like it or even agree with it. So please no name calling.

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