Engadget lets slip the Elite Cam ECS-12

eliteCamComing out of the gate this week is the N-Strike Elite Nerf CAM ECS-12. It appears (thanks to the pictures’ file names) that this blaster was released a day early by Engadget, but we’re not mad. This awesome looking rifle-like blaster has an integrated video camera in stead of a scope.

This is a semi-automatic blaster in a similar vein to the Stryfe, with a black acceleration trigger below the firing trigger. The stock is both immobile and not-removable, and it requires 8, yes 8 AA batteries. There are 4 batteries for the motors and 4 for the camera.

It’s another blaster set to come out in the fall this year, and has the highest price of any Nerf blaster before it at $75. It does come with a 4gb SD memory card, and that will hold quite a bit of the video and pictures taken by the 0.3 megapixel, 20fps camera.

While the price tag is high and the camera quite poor for something so costly, I do have to admit that it is an awesome looking blaster!

Go check out the full article at Engadget.


One thought on “Engadget lets slip the Elite Cam ECS-12

  1. I’m glad they’ve finally designed a blastercam but I’m very, very disappointed it’s only 0.3MP/20FPS at that pricepoint. I’d have preferred they forget the blaster and spend the money saved on upgrading the camera personally, since everyone has their own preference for blasters anyway.

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