Gear Up series Overview

It’s that time of year again!  Time to prepare for the next anniversary release from Nerf.  Last year we were told to “Clear the way!” for the 09/10/’10 release of the Stampede ECS 50 blaster.  The clear the way series took come of our favorite blasters and stripped them down, showing off their innards for all the world to see.  This year Nerf is asking us to “Gear Up!” for the unleashing of the Vortex series of disk launchers on 09/10/’11.

Thanks to our friends at Nerf we have the opportunity to give you a preview of three of the repainted blasters from this limited edition series.  The Gear Up series consists of the Raider, Maverick, Barracade and Recon blasters featuring a new two tone grey, black and orange color scheme with diagonal stripes marking parts of the body.  One fun feature of the Gear Up series is the inclusion of a test sample of the new ammo launching with the Vortex series.  This ammo preview also comes with an exclusive code to enter on Nerf’s website to unlock special content on the Vortex series.

Most of the news surrounding the Gear Up series talks about the redecorated darts packaged with each blaster.  These darts mimic the diagonal striping on the body of the blasters and also have black tips to round out the redeco.  Many people believe that the Gear Up series blasters only come with these new darts, sadly this is not the case.  Each blaster comes with approximately half of their full dart load of the new darts(in addition to their default accompaniment of darts), the best looking of which are the clip system darts packaged with the Raider.

All in all I am pleased with the overall look of the Gear Up series.  The blasters do seem to suffer from some of the same pitfalls as other repaints including the Clear the way series, specifically frequent misfires and more frequent jamming.  While this is unfortunate I wouldn’t let it deter you from taking a closer look at these repaints.  Look for the Gear Up series hitting shelves in early August, and stay tuned to AFoN for more news and reviews.


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