Kickstarter: Random Hat Accessories

We’ve posted about Random Hat’s venture in to creating 3rd party accessories before, and now they’re on Kickstarter.

From the email:

Through Kickstarter, we are beginning a campaign to fund our little project. We need to raise at least $20,000 to bring our first accessory, the Tactical Rail Clip Holder into full production. This funding will go fully to making our first accessory a reality and getting it to your doorstep! Sales from the initial run of the clip holder accessory and any money left over from our Kickstarter campaign will go to fund all of the other accessories in the future.

Kickstarter is an all or nothing venture, so we need to raise at least $20,000 to get anything at all. But you won’t be backing us for nothing! Anyone who donates at least $25 will get one of the clip holder accessories before they go on sale on our website, and the rewards only get better from there!


Check out the Kickstarter page for the Tactical Rail Clip Holder:


4 thoughts on “Kickstarter: Random Hat Accessories

    1. On the store that will be established. Though Random Hat and AFoN share a similar subject of pursuit in dart blasters, we want to keep them as separate as possible.

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