Light it Up Series! (Firefly Tech blasters)

Finally Nerf has released information and pictures on the Light it Up Series Blasters! The Rayven CS-18 and the Lumitron use ‘Firefly Technology’ (glow-in-the-dark ammo) to Light Up your battles! Instead of a built-in flashbulb ‘light charger’ like the original Firefly Blaster, these blasters use special clips with tiny LEDs in them to charge the dart/disc just before firing.

These blasters are supposed to be out on 3-3-12, but if you’re lucky, you may be able to already find the Rayven on shelves (no word about the Lumitron). While the Lumitron is just a recolored Praxis (with a special clip), the Rayven is something special. I already managed to get my hands on one, and I won’t go in to too much detail (I’ll leave the detailed review to Mr. S), I must say that it’s akin to the Barricade in propulsion method. But unlike the Barricade, the Rayven seems to have more punch and is also a little bit quieter than the Barricade.

Overall, I believe these spiritual successors to the Firefly are a great start to 2012!

UPDATE: It appears as though I was wrong when I said the Rayven and the Lumitron would be out in March. Nerf said on their facebook page today that the Rayven is supposed to come out January.


4 thoughts on “Light it Up Series! (Firefly Tech blasters)

  1. ..yep, and an issue all of those bullpups have in common is the rearheavy problem…I saw the pics on the box (internet), the gun is held at an angle, away from the body..not sure how an adult wrist can mange to be operational/flexible with the protrusion of the clip there..the whole idea of a bullpup is to maintain the same size barrel on a reduced size gun – Nerf don`t really need long barrels (talk to my Longstrike about that issue..). As for looks, I found the russian Korobov TKB-022 (prototype from the 60`s) to be uncanningly similar..right down to the use of plastic ;-) Not sure what a Rayven can do that a Stampede can`t do better..but may try one out (working on a deal with someone from the US..he also has a Hulk Titan and a Magstrike on offer, among other goodies..).

  2. ..correct me if I`m wrong, BUT the Rayven looks terrible unconfortable to handle…I mean whatever did they think when they designed this gun ? What is the clip doing on the back ?? How does this gun handle in “real life” Nerf wars ?

    1. Its referred to as a ‘bullpup’ style blaster. There are several real guns that are similar in that they have the handle & trigger in front of the magazine.
      The clip on the rayven is not obtrusive at all. Get your hands on one and you’ll change your tune. :)

  3. Hey guys.

    Saw some Rayvens today at a Walmart in South Kingstown, RI.
    Didn’t purchase but they’re out there!

    – Ray in RI

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