Light it Up series Lumitron Review

Hey guess what, it’s the Lumitron!  Nerf added a new blaster to the Light it Up series recently, and while it’s basically a repaint of the Vortex Praxis it has those wonderful little features that set it apart from its darker green counterpart.

Let’s talk about the paint on the Lumitron first, because this is the only real thing that sets the Lumitron apart from the Praxis.  I’m going to call this new almost neon green color shared by the Lumitron and Rayven “Light it Up Green”, I like the hue more than the darker alien green of the Vortex series and think it looks really sharp on the Lumitron.

There isn’t really much of anything besides paint that is different between the Lumitron and the Praxis.  The Lumitron is packaged without the Praxis’s shoulder stock and to be honest that’s just fine with me.  I’m not much of a fan of the thin piped shoulder stocks like those with the Recon, they feel like they’d break with too much pressure.  It seems that the Lumitron fixes some of the jamming issues that the first run of the Praxis suffered from which is awesome considering how solid the Praxis is as a blaster.

The real shining point of the Lumitron is the new Firefly tech 10 round clip.  I was a little sad to see that this blaster only comes with 10 discs, but since refill ammo is available I guess it’s not that much of a problem.  The clip uses 4 “AA” batteries and uses similar lights to the Rayven’s clip.  These lights seem to charge the second disc in line better than the first disc in the clip, this seems to be a limitation of available real estate on the vortex clip for light placement.  The Lumitron’s clip functions no differently than the regular Vortex clips(other than the lights), and is just a little bit shorter than the 20 round clip which comes with the Nitron.

I’m quite impressed so far with the Light it Up series.  When you think about it, Nerf could have just launched this series as the clips themselves since that’s the core of the new Firefly tech gimmick.  Instead, they wrapped them up in a pair of awesome blasters that do nothing but compliment this new generation of glow in the dark projectile fun.  The Lumitron may not be as unique or original as the Rayven, but it is a fun functional blaster.  It’s worth picking up if for no other reason to get the Firefly tech clip.



2 thoughts on “Light it Up series Lumitron Review

  1. It’s also a shame you can’t get extra firefly clips, since you’d need to buy an additional blaster to get a single spare clip. I can understand why they didn’t do this since it would obviously harm sales of the blasters themselves, hopefully in 6-12 months when anyone who is going to buy the lighted up blasters already will have they might release them both for people with a Rayven or Lumitron looking for extras or for people who weren’t willing to buy a whole blaster but would happily buy the clips on their own.

    That said using lighted up darts with a Stampede firing full bore must be quite a sight.

  2. In addition, for some reason the Lumitron gets better range. I have no idea why but when I tested it against my praxis, it just does.

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