Light it Up series Rayven Review

Nerf keeps throwing us firsts.  We like it, keeps the game fresh, keeps people talking.  There has been lots of talk about the first blaster released from Nerf’s new Light it Up series; the Rayven.  I’ve heard the comments, this design isn’t very popular right now.  Let me assure you, this unique blaster is worth every penny.

The Rayven’s design is a major cause for concern throughout the community, the bullpup idea not sitting well in the stomachs of many a fan.  The bullpup puts the clip and firing action behind the trigger saving on space and weight.  I like the feel of the Rayven, it fits nice against my shoulder and the angled foregrip out in front makes the blaster very stable while aiming.  This design doesn’t differ much from that of the original glow in the dark blaster; the Firefly, which can’t technically be called bullpup as the firing action was on top of the trigger, not behind.  That being said, the Rayven is a lightweight, compact fly wheel powered blaster of awesomeness.  It really is.  Aside from the green paint job which I don’t really care for this thing has all the right things going for it.  It uses only 4 AA batteries, making it as efficient to power as the Barricade and stole my favorite feature from the Nitron; a second trigger on the grip to activate the fly wheels only when needed, not only saving battery life but keeping stealth a factor in play.

My least favorite thing about the good old Firefly was the giant flash that went off when you fired, it was annoying and totally gave away your position which is not ideal when dealing with a night fire situation.  Thanks to the Rayven’s new clip which charges darts individually as they move up the 18 round straight clip using 4 UV lights mounted at the top of the dart slide(where you load the darts into the clip) there is minimal risk of alerting your enemy to your presence.  The clip itself uses 3 AA batteries making the Rayven a total battery load of 7 AA’s which isn’t that bad.  The blaster is comfortable in both right and left hands and is not too difficult to dual wield if you so desire(it kinda makes you feel like a badass).

Being left handed, I have a major gripe with using other clips in the Rayven.  Using the 35 round barrel clip makes holding the Rayven a challenge, the drum of the clip being in all the wrong places.  I haven’t tried the 18 round drum clip yet but I can’t imagine it’d be that different.  With straight clips the Rayven is comfortable and very easy to use, and all other versions of standard clips work just as well as the light up clip that comes with it.

I’m not a huge fan of the orange tactical rail mounted on the right side of the Rayven but that’s not a major deterrent as there’s not many functional attachments that would fit well on that rail anyway.  I feel the rail on top of the hand grip is sufficient for a blaster of this size.  Another less than useful feature of the Rayven is the addition of a barrel attachment.  While nothing comes with the Rayven as far as exclusive barrels, it will fit all existing barrel extensions while none of them look all that great.  Probably the best looking one is my personal favorite, the Long Strike attachment.

I like new and interesting blasters and the Light it Up series is right up my alley.  I think it’s a unique and well designed blaster and it can fire as fast as you can pull the trigger.  Despite the guff from fans, this blaster is good all around and deserves a good thorough look over.  Throw away your reservations and grab it before it flies away.


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