Longstrike CS-6

Continuing the line of N-Strike game blasters turned real, Hasbro is bringing us the Longstrike CS-6, a new sniper-type blaster that I hope will outperform the Longshot sniper rifle.

From Toys R’ Us:

With this awesome, air-powered dart blaster, a long shot is a good thing! Measuring three feet long, the Nerf N-Stike Longstrike CS-6 Blaster is the longest NERF blaster yet and fires up to 35 feet. Attach the barrel extension for long-range targeting and use the tactical rails and flip-up sight to help you zero-in on targets near and far. Even when your target is on the move, you never have to worry about ammo, since your blaster can store two quick-reload clips! (One clip is included.) So grab your gear, steel your nerves and prepare to go long! The Nerf N-Stike Longstrike CS-6 Blaster comes with barrel extension, flip-up sight, quick-reload clip, six Clip-System darts and instructions.

This blaster is scheduled to arrive March of 2010.


18 thoughts on “Longstrike CS-6

  1. Cool! Might get it for christmas. And many other nerf guns. I got the longshot, recon, maverick, deploy (clear series) and… the nerf targeting system. I am a HUGE fan of nerf. Oh and I wad shooting empty bottles withe my longshot at a short range and I am a good sniper but it didn’t reach them. LOL.

  2. hello does somebody know where i can buy it in quebec in a market i looked in a wal mart but didnt found it. if somebody know a good place or market could you tell me please i want this rifle so bad
    thank you very much for a quick answer

  3. what one person said the bullet gust plops out the one he has does 10 feet im getting one today!!! it comes with three cartridges and the barrel comes off i tok of the barrel and put my raiders cartridge in it and it looks awesome the gun is awesome by its self

  4. I see them on sale at ToysRUs.com too.

    March is going to rock for us in the US. We get this bad boy and the Deploy (just gimmicky for me to like it!). And just in time for my birthday! =)

  5. Do u thing a spring replacement mod would work? Or would it just blow up in my face if i tried? Because that’s what i did for my longshot.

  6. I forgot to mention… In the box the shoulder stock section is seperate and you are just supposed to slide it in and it locks. BUT after it locks…. It’s there “forever”. I would have liked to have seen a button or something to push where the buttstock could back out and/or be removed if you want that shorter pistol style front section. JMO

  7. I picked up one at Toys-R-Us the last day of January.
    It’s cool but I found the spring weak compared to almost any other blaster, even a Maverick. Just kinda “plooped” out the dart. Will try removal of the air thingie.

  8. This looks even more legitimate than the LongShot. Makes me wonder if Nerf is catering to the college kid market. Humans vs Zombies is getting popular among campuses, and this would be the perfect long range gun.

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