MAW Pre-Game Update

Our first Nerf War, MAW, is tomorrow, June 15th, 2013. We’re very excited to see who will be showing up, and we’ve also got a special guest attending as well. Please check out the site at the link above for more information if you’re interested.

The weather is looking like there’s an 80% chance of rain in the morning, and a 40% chance in the afternoon. But rain or shine, we will be there to try to take advantage of any sun we see. The temperature is supposed to be about 77 for a high, with 72% humidity. So dress accordingly!

We will be providing some food to those who participate, but we’re not really sure how many people will show up, so it’s first come first serve. We’ll be grilling up some awesome locally made brats from Greg’s Meats. We’ll have some bottled water on hand, and there are drinking fountains, but if you’d like something else, please feel free to bring it! (No alcohol, please)

As for our special guest, we were recently told about a local Minnesota business called Bumpa’s Blowgun, which is a Nerf dart compatible (taggers and suckers) blowgun made locally. We’re really interested in them, so we were happy when they accepted our invitation to come to MAW and allow us to try them out and also sell some to those who are interested. Check out their website, and if you happen to be coming to MAW and are interested, you’ll be able to purchase some! We will be purchasing some ourselves to test out and give a review, so look for that some time in the near future!


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