Nerf branded Sakar Flashlight

I know that many were excited when this product popped up on Kmart’s website; I know I was! The good news: it’s now available! The bad news though, is that it’s nothing like the flashlight shown in the picture above or the one in the description!

I bought one last week online, as I was unable to find them in my local Kmart, and I was excited for the new accessory, even though it was made by a company other than Hasbro (Sakar, like all of the other electronics . However, as you can see in the picture below, it’s not the accessory we thought. Though it’s an okay LED flashlight, it is not at all able to attach to a blaster without the aid of adhesive tape.

When we attended this years’ party, we had an opportunity to learn more about Sakar making these Nerf Branded electronic products. The story, I’m sad to say isn’t that great. Basically marketing saw an opportunity to make money off of just the Nerf name, and allowed Sakar to make accessories that would cost way too much for Hasbro to invest in making. It seems as though they were given some guidelines and set off. Nerf’s own design and engineering team has very, very little say in these products at all.

I understand the reasons why Hasbro doesn’t directly produce these types of products, but I almost wish they weren’t produced if they’re just going to be these crapgadgets. And most of them are poorly designed as well. The flashlight, though is a pretty good design compared to the other products put out. But then again, from what I was told it’s based off of a design from one of the Nerf Designers (which was used without his knowledge, I believe).

I’m still looking for that elusive Tactical Rail Camera, in the hopes that it’s at least able to attach to the tactical rails as promised.


7 thoughts on “Nerf branded Sakar Flashlight

  1. It’s incredibly disappointing to see that the final product didn’t include the selling point of the flashlight. This just makes me wonder if there will ever be any sort of “official” flashlight tactical rail accessory, aside from the lackluster N-Strike lights.

    I’m a bureaucrat for the Nerf Wiki and considering that this is the only picture online that actually shows what the flashlight looks like, is it okay if we use the image on the site? Credit would be given back to this site.

  2. Well, that really sucks. As if $15 for a flashlight wasn’t bad enough, you can’t even really use it for it’s advertised purpose. What’s the point?

  3. This is…odd, really. I mean, it’s blatant false advertising on their end. You can see the identical lines between the concept image and product, but I just can’t see why they couldn’t just produce and sell the product as its advertised.

    At the very least I guess we all who were looking forward to this can thank you for shelling out the bucks and giving us a heads up on what it really was. What a disappointment…

  4. That is terrible! I should be receiving mine today and now I am totally bummed out. I already had the hopes of attaching this LED to the side rail on my Stampede. Duck tape is NOT an option. This is false advertising because the packaging clearly says “Handheld or Attach to your Nerf Blaster.” Maybe I can get lucky and hope that Target switched there Nerf display over and I can pick up the all mighty Pyragon. It will be a blast to slam fire 40 red discs around the back yard instead of shining a flashlight around my garage at night looking for duck tape.

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