Nerf Dart Tag Quick 16 Review

From what I’ve seen so far 2011 may be the year of Nerf.  The gem of the lot to date in my opinion is the newly designed Dart Tag series blasters.  This series is a marvel of reinvention, the built in clip design has gifted the lightning fast game of dart tag with the fastest reload time offered on modern blasters not in the Clip System.  My only problem with the series as a whole has to do with jams.  I have had some bad luck with what can only be described as double loading, where a second dart tries to load on top of the dart that is already in the chamber when the blaster is cocked.  This has only happened as a result of children or inexperienced Nerfers playing with my blasters but has had the ultimate end of ripping the dart apart.  That being said it’s time to get to the review, I bring to you the Dart Tag Quick 16.

I have one quick thing to say about the Quick 16.  Slam fire is awesome!  The N-Strike Raider CS-35 is possibly my favorite blaster and it has been quite saddening to have nothing quite as cool in the Dart Tag arsenal.  My prayers have been answered by this 16 round beast of a blaster.  The paint apps follow those seen on the Speed Load 6 which is expected and looks just as good.  Also as I had thought the redesigned trigger that I commented about in my last review is carrying along to the rest of the blasters in the series which makes me happy. I am a little bit curious about the large peg sticking out of the butt of the Quick 16 as it looks like the butt stock attachment from N-Strike series blasters but let me assure you that as of right now it serves no function other than to insight questions from everbody.

Range and power is about on par with the Raider which is fair and the thing just looks awesome.  The pump action slides smooth as butter and is strong enough to take a beating because let’s face it, slam fire is AWESOME!  There is no storage for extra darts but with a quick load 16 round banana clip you won’t need to store ammo.  Take a moment to fire a few darts at a buddy wearing one of those new Dart Tag jerseys and you’ll be wondering why Nerf took so long to make a dart tag blaster this cool.  I can’t wait to check out the Nerf Dart Tag League when it starts up for the 2011 season, I have a feeling it’s going to be a good one.  As always check out the Quick 16 as well as the rest of the Dart Tag blaster line  at your local retailer and stay tuned to AFoN for more reviews and news.


4 thoughts on “Nerf Dart Tag Quick 16 Review

  1. hey,i’m finding the EXACT same problem with mine. i spent 60$ on guns,gear and eyeware.Only too find the same thing as all you guys.i’m not even a teen !!!!!

  2. I am finding the exact same jamming flaw mentioned in posts above. I bought this for my 10 year old son yesterday. The first 30 minutes was a blast. Then the darts started to jam. As described above, they seemed to “double load”. This would not be so bad, but when you attempt to remove the jammed bullets, you end up tearing them apart. The gun is so cool otherwise, it is a complete bummer that it jams so frequently and destroys your brand new bullets. Hope that Nerf gets feedback from users and fixes this in future releases.

  3. I am finding that there is a small flaw in the design in the firing mechanism that makes clearing jams on both the Quick 16 and Speed Load 6. It is a shame that this is sounding like a much more common issue than I originally expected. Thankfully I have only lost 2 darts to this flaw, I know of others who have lost a few more than that. I hope Nerf can do something to alleviate this problem in future iterations of these designs.

  4. Ok I have a problem too.After the first time i jammed it,the orange thing that go’s over the bullet/dart is partially staying out and its really hard to reload it and it messes up my darts.My friends and I tried fixing it but we couldn’t get it to go back.So it’s a sweet gun but i think it gets broken to easily and I’m looking for ways to fix my dart blaster.

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