Nerf Mega Thunderbow Announced!


Announced via as an exclusive, the Nerf N-Strike Mega Thunderbow is the latest blaster to be revealed for Fall of 2014. Though the pictures are computer generated, we can assure you that this is indeed a real blaster.


(Ages 8 years & up/Approx. Retail Price: $39.99/Available: Fall 14)

Awesome NERF MEGA performance transitions from blaster to bow with the addition of the N-STRIKE MEGA THUNDERBOW toy. The bow’s dynamic arms and traditional pull back system can fire five NERF MEGA whistler darts in a row up to an amazing 100 feet.  Includes 10 MEGA Whistler darts and holds up to five NERF MEGA darts at a time. Available at most major retailers nationwide and


It appears as though drawing the string back pulls the arms back, and fires the bow much like a Snapfire/Crossfire combo. I have to be honest and say that I’m apprehensive about this blaster, because bow-type blasters in the past haven’t had the best performance. But I’ll reserve judgement until I’m able to get my hands on it and see whether it can really get close to 100 feet like it claims.

I’m certain that we haven’t seen anything yet. There are more blasters to be revealed in the coming months, including this year’s ‘big bad blaster’ like the Centurion, Hail-Fire, and Stampede of years past. Check back for information


2 thoughts on “Nerf Mega Thunderbow Announced!

  1. I think bows will always be bigger than conventional blasters, it’s the styling that makes them attractive so if you want pure effectiveness you’ll probably want to look elsewhere. As for this year’s big release, let’s hope it’s more of a Stampede and less of a Centurion. A big release to really give the zombie strike line a big kick in its early days would be nice.

  2. Hmmm, not sure I would get one, I’ve only bought one Nerf bow and I was really disappointed with it. Parts broke during assembly and getting the strings tied was a pain. Also, the darts get crushed in the holders. I realise that won’t be a problem here but it just looks too bulky,

    Dr. S.

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