Nerf Super Soaker Scatter Blast Review

Spring, an almost mythical time when the snow melts and people(in the north) are actually happy to get out of the house for a while.  I hear this happy season is almost upon us, and with that hopes and dreams of summer when the sun’s so hot we can’t wait to douse ourselves in any water we can find.  Yup, summer means Super Soakers, and here’s another review from Nerf’s new line, the Scatter Blast.

The second offering I’ve been able to sample from Nerf’s ever growing chest-o-Super Soakers is the Scatter Blast.  This small water blaster resembles a sawed off shotgun in design, and sports more of the trademark orange plastic than the Point Break and honestly this doesn’t bother me save for the pump action which I wish was designed similarly to the pump on other Super Soakers like the Point Break.  This is the second of Nerf’s Super Soakers that I’ve had the opportunity to try out that doesn’t use a trigger to fire the water, which I found odd at first.  “What’s that you say, just pump it and it fires?  You’re crazy.” I’d say, then I’d think back to when I was a child using my old school water blasters and all the time I spent running away from my friends getting drenched pumping away after using up the charge in my blaster when I could have just been pump firing the whole time.  Then I thought how ingenious it was not having a trigger, which can possibly get in the way during high intensity water battles.

The Scatter Blast holds 26 ounces(700ml) of fluid and sports 5 nozzles that all fire simultaneously with fine concentrated streams.  Range wise the Scatter Blast is pretty much on par with the Point Break and it becomes obvious to me that i may need to find a bigger place to test Super Soakers than my bathroom.  The Scatter Blast has one Tactical rail on the top of the blaster and offers a flip up sight which looks cool but doesn’t serve any real function in my mind, let’s face it, there’s not much time to aim when getting blasted by cold water from any and all angles.  In my personal opinion I wouldn’t mind using the Scatter Blast as a close range blaster used in tight quarters like a shotgun loaded with bird shot and in that function I believe this to be a very functional blaster for the money.

While not my personal favorite of the Super Soaker line so far I believe the Scatter Blast has its place and well, for about the same price as a Maverick it’s worth a look.  Check out the Scatter Blast for yourself at your local retailer and keep an eye on AFoN next week for number 3 in our warm weather review trilogy.


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