Nerf Super Soaker ThunderStorm Review

It’s time to round out the week, and our trilogy of warm weather reviews.  I know it’s sad, but don’t worry, warm weather will be here soon, but if you just can’t wait to scratch your Super Soaker itch you can fill this blaster up with warm water and go melt some snow!  I bring to you, the Nerf Super Soaker THUNDERSTORM.

The THUNDERSTORM is the most unique water blaster I’ve had the pleasure of owning.  It is the first such blaster to offer quick reloading via the new water clip.  Yes, that’s right, I said it has a clip.  No longer will we have to spend the majority of our time huddled around a spigot fighting over who gets to refill first.  The clip holds about 11 ounces(300lm) of liquid and fits very snugly in the blaster forming an excellent seal.  A full clip adds a bit of weight to the blaster, which is rather light without the water, but the extra weight doesn’t hinder use of the THUNDERSTORM(even for a 4 year old).  Another nifty feature of the clip is the addition of a build in belt clip, giving you the ability to hold multiple clips on your person during a battle, a feature not currently offered on any of the clip system dart blasters.

I have to say I was a little leery about trying out the THUNDERSTORM at first.  I’ve seen other battery powered water blasters from other brands and well, the idea of water penetrating the battery chamber(which was usually in the handle) and either short circuiting the whole thing or possibly getting a little shock didn’t really appeal to me.  I put these concerns aside and give the THUNDERSTORM a whirl and have to say I was pleasantly surprised.  Nerf chose to house the 4 AA batteries at the top of the blaster enclosed inside a sort of cartridge, and then an outer screw in door seals the whole thing up as to give optimum water resistance.  Power is very consistent right up until the clip runs out, but that’s to be expected.  I’ve completely given up on testing range on Super Soakers until the snow melts up here and I have a wider space to to proper testing.  As far as the effectiveness of battery operated water blasters I have been completely convinced.  This is simply awesome!  The THUNDERSTORM is also equipped with a port to attach a butt stock accessory as well as the ever popular tactical rail on the top of the blaster.  I’m happy to see the butt stock option on a Super Soaker and really hope that Nerf produces some new attachments in the Super Soaker color scheme.

All things considered I am very pleased with the THUNDERSTORM, the ability to now hold two water blasters at a time without the worry of having to pump them up all the time just puts a smile on my face.  It’s a well designed blaster and a perfect way to sire in the era of the clip fed water blaster.  Check out all of Nerf’s Super Soaker line at your local retailer and get ready for those warm days to come.  Stay tuned to Adult Fans of Nerf for more reviews and news on your Favorite Nerf dart and water blasters!


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