Nerf Super Soaker TornadoStrike Review

Summer is officially here!  It’s time for some fun in the sun and for me that means one thing; the POOL!  I am a huge fan of bringing my water blasters along when we go outside to our pool, I mean, what’s more fun than splashing about in water above your head while blasting my family with a Super Soaker.  I wouldn’t recommend doing this at close range, trust me, getting temporarily blinded by a point blank ShotBlast shot to the eye is just as painful and hilarious as you might believe.

Today I offer to you the Super Soaker TornadoStrike, another of the new Super Soaker line to utilize the water clip system.  The blaster has a rotating 6 nozzle cylinder fired by pumping the slider on the bottom of the blaster’s body, there is no trigger.  The TornadoStrike also comes with a detachable butt stock which is a redesign of the N-Strike Raider’s butt stock but if it isn’t broke and all that.

I have to say, the water clip system is a great feature and is super fun at the pool.  Reloading is easy when all you have to do is hold the clip underwater to fill it up, and as long as you don’t shoot all the water out of the pool you have a near infinite supply of ammo!  My biggest complaint about the TornadoStrike also has to do with the pool.  When the hollow body of the blaster becomes filled with water it is quite heavy, almost too heavy to swim while holding the blaster with any speed.

Of all of the Super Soaker water blasters I’ve owned, the TornadoStrike is the only one I would allow to be shot even close to a person’s face at moderate range.  The spiraling of the water as it leaves the rotating nozzles creates what I call the Halo Effect, whereas if you shoot it on dry concrete a perfect circle of wet forms leaving the center dry.  Even if you’re not a pool person when it comes to having a water blaster fight I would highly recommend picking up the TornadoStrike; it has pretty good range for its power, and reloading with the clips is still super easy from a garden hose or spigot.  Check out this and the rest of the Super Soaker line at your local retailer and stay cool this summer!


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