Nerf Vortex pre-launch event NYC


This week at La.venue in New York, Nerf held a media only event to preview the Vortex series of blasters to launch on 09/10/’11 and we at AFoN were privileged enough to get an invite.  Last year at the event kicking off the Stampede we were blown away with the attention Nerf gave to showcasing the blaster, as well as celebrating 5o years of Nerf fun.  This year, the event took on an energy as unique as the Vortex line itself.  Impressive displays showcasing the all stars of the N-Strike series as well as the N-Force, Dart Tag and Super Soaker lines adorned the entry to the event as well as a big screen playing Nerf commercials.

Walking into what I dubbed “the Vortex room” was like walking into an alien fun house.  The whole room was lit in an eery but appropriate green glow mainly emanating from the glowing circular display in the center of the room.  To one side of the huge Vortex room we had the pleasure of putting each of the new Vortex blasters through their paces in 4 unique shooting galleries tailored for each of the 4 blasters in the series.  The other side of the room housed a large, caged in play area where we were encouraged to get down and dirty with testing this unanimously awesome series, and see how many discs we can litter the floor of La.venue with.

Many different opinions as to the best blaster in the series were expressed, proving that the Vortex series has a little bit for everybody.  If there’s anything we’ve learned from our friends at Nerf it’s that they love what they make just as much as we do.  They have fun with this and it shows, from the inspiration of a Frisbee that led to the design of the Vortex discs to the innovative idea to model the internal clip of the Vigilon after a Pez dispenser; the crew at Nerf put their hearts and souls into designing awesome and continually evolving products.

The event lasted well into the night and much merriment was had by all.  We had a blast(no pun intended)!  As usual Nerf threw one hell of a party while allowing those in attendance to test the Vortex series the way they were meant to be; by playing with them.  We can’t wait to see what Nerf will come up with to wow us with next year, but with the assurance that there are new and exciting things on the horizon one can only imagine what we’ll see.  A special thanks goes out once again to all of our friends at Nerf for entertaining us, keeping up the good work and making it so fun to play with toys.

Now that the dust has settled on the event and we’ve had a chance to come back to reality, we’ll be posting a preview review of the Vortex series.  Stay tuned to AFoN this week for the review and check out the Gear Up series in stores now for a preview of the new ammo as well as an online code that unlocks videos previewing the Vortex blasters, hitting shelves on 09/10/’11.


5 thoughts on “Nerf Vortex pre-launch event NYC

  1. Oh, and for the record, these guys did a “crush test” to see if the discs would hold up under the stress of a day’s running around and getting stomped on; the discs held up pretty well!

  2. Hey AFoN.

    Thanks for the great review of the event. I’m about 8 months into my Nerf N-Strike love-fest and wasn’t really looking forward to the Vortex line until this post. While I should be to grown-up for this kind of thing, I’ll be counting the days until 9-10-11. Consider your site bookmarked in Rhode Island.

    Nerf On!

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