Nerf Vortex Vigilon Review

The Vortex series is set to launch on 9/10/11, and we at AFoN have a special invitation to attend the pre-release media event in New York.  In preparation for the event, our friends at Nerf have gifted us a little sneak peak with the Vigilon, the first blaster in the series.

The Vortex series is unique in many ways; not only do they use a completely new ammo in the Vortex disc, they utilize an innovative new firing mechanism.  I was expecting the discs to feel like a cut down ballistic ball, man was I wrong.  The discs are composed of foam wrapped around a squishy rubber or plastic center making for a sturdy, bouncy thing that really looks like a mini frisbee.  The Vigilon comes with 5 discs that fit inside the blaster utilizing a sort of internal clip system accessed by a slide down door lowered by an ambidextrous flip switch below the slide action.  Testing showed that the Vigilon can actually comfortably hold 6 discs by pushing the spring mechanism on the bottom of the clip until it clicks into locked position while loading.

I have a nickname for this series after playing with the blaster in my apartment; the Trick Shot series.  My reasoning behind this has to do with the nature of the firing mechanism.  When the blaster is loaded via the new spring loaded slide action, a pin is positioned underneath the disc holding it in place.  When the firing arm flings the disc out of the barrel, the pin makes the disc spin making it fly straight and level.  If you take advantage of this spin by shooting at a wall c0rner, you get some pretty cool bouncing shots with predictable landing spots with practice.  Straight line distance tests revealed that with a good angle the disc can reach a very impressive 80 feet.

The Vigilon introduces a new jam clear feature that is smooth like butter, simply slide the tab on the side of the barrel and tip the blaster down to release the disc letting it fall to the floor.  Thankfully I haven’t had any jams yet so I cannot wait to hear the comments about what happens when a jam occurs.

The paint apps and color scheme for this series are definitely unique, the bright green takes a little getting used to and the orange looks a little unnatural, but this doesn’t take away from the very SciFi look of the Vigilon’s design.  The top of the barrel is equipped with a tactical rail, making the possibility for new awesome attachments a definite possibility.  The blaster feels pretty natural in hand and has decently balanced weight even fully loaded.

Final thoughts leave me eager to see more.  The Vigilon is pure fun in every way, and is AFoN approved for indoor fun.  We can’t wait to see more from this impressive series when it launches on 09/10/11.  Stay tuned to AFoN for exclusive coverage from the pre-release event later in the week.


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