Sakar Nerf Branded ‘Blaster Cam’

This, sadly, is another disappointing Sakar product with the Nerf name on it. About 6 months ago, this popped up online in vague pictures and descriptions as the ‘Nerf Blaster Cam’. I managed to find one earlier this week, and well, a blaster cam it is not. It’s just a shitty camera (320×240 video resolution, and 1mp photo) that Sakar has been allowed to put the Nerf logo on.

We love Nerf. Travis and I wouldn’t have this blog if we didn’t. But it’s products like this that sully the Nerf brand (I should let you know, the designers and engineers that create our beloved blasters have nothing to do with these Sakar products). This is just the result of a bonehead marketing decision, and nothing more.

The idea behind some of these products are good, but it’s the execution that makes it go awry. Initially, the flashlight and this blaster seemed like they’d be some kind of useful to those of us that enjoy playing with Nerf blasters, but alas it was not so. Even the walkie-talkies could have been useful, if they weren’t recycled from the early 90’s. If they were to be done correctly, they would have tactical rail attachments on them and be at least somewhat up-to-date technology wise. I think that even decent mounts for cameras and flashlights for tactical rails would go a long way.

Anyway, enough ranting on their poor quality for now. As you can see in the picture, I did manage to make it work on my Retaliator with the aid of a Command strip. It seems to work well enough, but I still think a tactical rail mount would be much, much better. It uses a standard screw attachment for the three different mounts that come with it. One seems to be a bicycle handle mount, one a 90 degree angled mount (the one I used), and the other is a flat mount.

This camera works really poorly in anything but daylight, and doesn’t seem to handle quick motion very well. On the plus side, it does have a standard SD card slot, and seems to be able to use almost any size card.


3 thoughts on “Sakar Nerf Branded ‘Blaster Cam’

  1. Who in the HELL would pay $50 for a 320×240 camera? That might have been OK 8-10 years ago, but you can pick up a cheap 8 or 12MP camera that will do 720p video for less than that now.

  2. I ran into this at Toys R’ Us the other day as well. Once again the lack of Tactical Rail attachment made me turn away. And for 50+ dollars, there was no way in hell I could justify it.

    These would have been great ideas. Items that would have allowed a third-party to come out with really good Mission Kit style products where Nerf left off. Instead, they just…well…suck.

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