Spring Cleaning Super Giveaway! (UPDATED)

Introducing our Spring Cleaning Super Giveaway! We’re giving away: 2 Rayven CS-18 blasters, 2 Lumitron Blasters, a SpeedSwarm, Stampede ECS, and a Super Soaker Lightning Storm!

The rules are as follows, please read them carefully as they will answer most questions that have been asked already!

To enter, send an email to: giveaway [at] adultfansofnerf.com. Only emailed entries will be accepted! The email MUST include:

  • Your Name
  • Your mailing address
  • The category(s) you want to enter
  • A picture or pictures of your entry -OR- a link to a video on youtube or other video hosting site


If you do not send your mailing address, that is acceptable, but you MUST send a picture or link to a video to be considered.

If you would like to enter more than one category, you may, but send all entries in the same email. If you should place first in more than one category, you will be given the opportunity to pick one of the prizes from the categories you’ve placed first in, which will disqualify you from winning in any other category.

Modded blasters are acceptable, as well as non-Nerf brands as long as they are functional and not home-made or originally shoot something other than darts, discs, balls, or water. Dart and disc blasters of any brand and only Nerf branded super soakers will count for our giveaway.

  • Best Display

    • PRIZE: One Rayven CS-18 and One Lumitron
    • DETAILS: Show us how you display your blasters in your home. We’re pretty much looking for single blasters, not entire collections, but if you have a peg-board wall for your blasters, it would apply. You’ll get points for ingenuity, neatness, and overall appearance.
  • Best Organization

    • PRIZE: One Rayven CS-18 and One Lumitron
    • DETAILS: Show us how you organize your entire collection. Weather it’s shelves, Rubbermaid containers or something more inventive. You’ll get points for ingenuity, neatness, and overall appearance.
  • Biggest Collection

    • PRIZE: One SpeedSwarm
    • DETAILS: Show us how large your collection is! The largest number of blasters wins! Include a picture/video of your entire collection with the number of blasters in the email. Please include an itemized list of your collection.
  • Best Transport Method

    • PRIZE: One Stampede ECS
    • DETAILS:  Transporting blasters from one place to another can be a hassle! Show us the way that you use to transport your blaster from one place to another. You’ll get points for ingenuity, efficiency, and convenience.


All who enter in to any category and do not win will be entered into a runner-up giveaway for the Super Soaker Lightning Storm (by random drawing).

ENTRIES DUE BY: March 14th at 11:59 Central standard time.

Winners announced March 21st on a special episode of the AFoN Show!


LEGALESE: No purchase necessary, void where prohibited. By sending your pictures/videos to us, you give us license to use them in future episodes of the Adult Fans of Nerf Show. This giveaway is open to anyone of any age (you should tell your parents that you’re entering if you are under 18). We are not responsible for the inability for some blasters to make it through customs, but this giveaway is open to everyone, so we’ll try to send them to whomever wins.


34 thoughts on “Spring Cleaning Super Giveaway! (UPDATED)

  1. Could we get some sort of email response showing that the entry we sent went through okay? I just want to make sure you got my video.

  2. Is it possible to see the entry’s that have already come in because I would be very interested in seeing other peoples nerf stuff as a fan of nerf myself!

    1. We’re going to be showing them off on a special episode of the AFoN Show on March 21st. That’s also when we’ll announce the winners.

  3. Is it ok to have a link to a Flickr set in the email? Or should I attach all the pics to the email? (mind you, there’s a lot of pics and they’re quite large, despite my use of a small camera)

  4. i carry my blaster many different ways,i only have 2 and my brother has 3 i like to keep my stuff in a bag that also includes ammo,plans,and a wish list

    P.S. i am entering for best transportation

  5. i would like to enter for best transport method.Sorry i can`t send you guys a piture but i like to transport my blasters by a bag,back pack,and some times i carry them in my brothers jacket he will be entering also

  6. For the Best transport method, do I have to show how I transport all my blasters to nerf war or only the ones I am battling with.

  7. Is it possible to have 2 people from the same house to enter? Let’s say that you have a brother that’s also interested to Nerf and wants to try to enter your contest, is it possible after you’ve already sent one that’s about me and not my brother?

  8. Quick question: Does commanding a group of roughly 20 people and leading them through hordes of undead for the survival of the human race as? 25,000 onlookers watch count as a display?
    Human vs. Zombies – Platoon Leader

    1. You or others shouldn’t be part of the display. By ‘display’ we mean? how you show off your collection. That would be interesting to see,? but it wouldn’t fall into any of our giveaway categories.

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