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Vortex Series Preview Review

Anticipation is building as the release date for the Vortex series grows ever closer.  Ever since Nerf held their exclusive media event in New York but a short couple weeks ago, we have been buzzing over our experience with this innovative disc blaster series.  Now that we’ve seen what these blasters can do, it’s time to spread the word to one and all with a preview review of the remaining 3 blasters of the Vortex series.  Check out our full review of the Vortex Vigilon by following this link.

The Vortex series oozes SciFi goodness from every inch of their highly detailed forms.  With their out of this world designs, toxic neon color scheme and a dramatic naming convention adding to the alien allure, the Vortex series stakes its claim as an entity far removed from the very familiar N-Strike series.  Add the introduction of new mini frizbee inspired ammo in the XLR Disc, and it is clear that Nerf can do pretty much anything with some plastic and a bit of foam. Continue reading Vortex Series Preview Review


Nerf Vortex pre-launch event NYC


This week at La.venue in New York, Nerf held a media only event to preview the Vortex series of blasters to launch on 09/10/’11 and we at AFoN were privileged enough to get an invite.  Last year at the event kicking off the Stampede we were blown away with the attention Nerf gave to showcasing the blaster, as well as celebrating 5o years of Nerf fun.  This year, the event took on an energy as unique as the Vortex line itself.  Impressive displays showcasing the all stars of the N-Strike series as well as the N-Force, Dart Tag and Super Soaker lines adorned the entry to the event as well as a big screen playing Nerf commercials. Continue reading Nerf Vortex pre-launch event NYC


Nerf Vortex NYC Media Event Quick Update

Mr. S and I were fortunate enough to be invited to New York again this year, and the party was a great! That was a hell of a time! Mr. S will have a full wrap-up later, but I just wanted to let everyone know what’s coming.

Let me say, that we were both blown away by the amazing Vortex line of blasters! Not only do they have great ranges, but they are accurate and have revolutionary launch systems that can’t even compare to the N-Strike Line (save for the Nitron, which uses flywheels, but even that has elements that make it amazing).


Check back later this weekend for a preliminary review of the Vortex Blasters, and details of the wonderful event!


Nerf Vortex Vigilon Review

The Vortex series is set to launch on 9/10/11, and we at AFoN have a special invitation to attend the pre-release media event in New York.  In preparation for the event, our friends at Nerf have gifted us a little sneak peak with the Vigilon, the first blaster in the series.

The Vortex series is unique in many ways; not only do they use a completely new ammo in the Vortex disc, they utilize an innovative new firing mechanism.  I was expecting the discs to feel like a cut down ballistic ball, man was I wrong.  The discs are composed of foam wrapped around a squishy rubber or plastic center making for a sturdy, bouncy thing that really looks like a mini frisbee.  Continue reading Nerf Vortex Vigilon Review


Gear Up series Overview

It’s that time of year again!  Time to prepare for the next anniversary release from Nerf.  Last year we were told to “Clear the way!” for the 09/10/’10 release of the Stampede ECS 50 blaster.  The clear the way series took come of our favorite blasters and stripped them down, showing off their innards for all the world to see.  This year Nerf is asking us to “Gear Up!” for the unleashing of the Vortex series of disk launchers on 09/10/’11.

Thanks to our friends at Nerf we have the opportunity to give you a preview of three of the repainted blasters from this limited edition series.  The Gear Up series consists of the Raider, Maverick, Barracade and Recon blasters featuring a new two tone grey, black and orange color scheme with diagonal stripes marking parts of the body.  Continue reading Gear Up series Overview


Nerf Super Soaker TornadoStrike Review

Summer is officially here!  It’s time for some fun in the sun and for me that means one thing; the POOL!  I am a huge fan of bringing my water blasters along when we go outside to our pool, I mean, what’s more fun than splashing about in water above your head while blasting my family with a Super Soaker.  I wouldn’t recommend doing this at close range, trust me, getting temporarily blinded by a point blank ShotBlast shot to the eye is just as painful and hilarious as you might believe.

Today I offer to you the Super Soaker TornadoStrike, another of the new Super Soaker line to utilize the water clip system.  The blaster has a rotating 6 nozzle cylinder fired by pumping the slider on the bottom of the blaster’s body, there is no trigger.  The TornadoStrike also comes with a detachable butt stock which is a redesign of the N-Strike Raider’s butt stock but if it isn’t broke and all that. Continue reading Nerf Super Soaker TornadoStrike Review


Nerf Dart Tag Quick 16 Review

From what I’ve seen so far 2011 may be the year of Nerf.  The gem of the lot to date in my opinion is the newly designed Dart Tag series blasters.  This series is a marvel of reinvention, the built in clip design has gifted the lightning fast game of dart tag with the fastest reload time offered on modern blasters not in the Clip System.  My only problem with the series as a whole has to do with jams.  I have had some bad luck with what can only be described as double loading, where a second dart tries to load on top of the dart that is already in the chamber when the blaster is cocked.  This has only happened as a result of children or inexperienced Nerfers playing with my blasters but has had the ultimate end of ripping the dart apart.  That being said it’s time to get to the review, I bring to you the Dart Tag Quick 16.

I have one quick thing to say about the Quick 16.  Slam fire is awesome!  The N-Strike Raider CS-35 is possibly my favorite blaster and it has been quite saddening to have nothing quite as cool in the Dart Tag arsenal.  My prayers have been answered by this 16 round beast of a blaster.  The paint apps follow those seen on the Speed Load 6 which is expected and looks just as good.  Also as I had thought the redesigned trigger that I commented about in my last review is carrying along to the rest of the blasters in the series which makes me happy. Continue reading Nerf Dart Tag Quick 16 Review


Nerf Dart Tag Speed Load 6 review

If you’re anything like the staff here at AFoN you’ve been waiting very impatiently for the release of the newly redesigned Nerf Dart Tag blasters.  We are very happy to inform you that they’re finally here!  I bring to you the Nerf Dart Tag Speed Load 6.

It has been a while since we’ve seen anything new on the Dart Tag side of the Nerf coin, and it’s nice to see something fresh for 2011.  The Speed Load 6 is an interesting blaster, and is the first I’ve seen to offer the built in clip.  I have to say, the quick load build in clip is an amazing feature that offers dart tag players self contained dart storage and possibly the fastest reload time among similar blasters including clip system blasters from the N-Strike series.  An amazing feature that was discovered while testing this blaster, and something Nerf has not revealed about the blaster is that it has a Slam Fire feature Continue reading Nerf Dart Tag Speed Load 6 review


Nerf Super Soaker ThunderStorm Review

It’s time to round out the week, and our trilogy of warm weather reviews.  I know it’s sad, but don’t worry, warm weather will be here soon, but if you just can’t wait to scratch your Super Soaker itch you can fill this blaster up with warm water and go melt some snow!  I bring to you, the Nerf Super Soaker THUNDERSTORM.

The THUNDERSTORM is the most unique water blaster I’ve had the pleasure of owning.  It is the first such blaster to offer quick reloading via the new water clip.  Yes, that’s right, I said it has a clip.  No longer will we have to spend the majority of our time huddled around a spigot fighting over who gets to refill first.  The clip holds about 11 ounces(300lm) of liquid and fits very snugly in the blaster forming an excellent seal.  A full clip adds a bit of weight to the blaster, which is rather light without the water, but the extra weight doesn’t hinder use of the THUNDERSTORM(even for a 4 year old).  Another nifty feature of the clip is the addition of a build in belt clip, giving you the ability to hold multiple clips on your person during a battle, a feature not currently offered on any of the clip system dart blasters. Continue reading Nerf Super Soaker ThunderStorm Review