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Mattel Joins the Battle with BOOMco Blasters!



We don’t know too much about these yet, but at least we do know they’re coming thanks to reddit user /u/MarcusH26051 posting about the blasters being listed on the website of UK retailer Argos.

A little more digging revealed their website at www.boom-co.com, and a few videos that you can see there (blasterlabs found this link a little before me). In that video, they reveal that the blasters will be out fall of 2014, get about 70 feet of distance and use a special “Smart Stick” dart.


These darts appear to have an accordion-like neck behind the sticky head, which must help them cushion the hit and help them to stick better. What type of sticky substance is on the tips though, is anyone’s guess at this point. In the video they mostly shoot at targets that are included with each blaster, however the darts seem to stick to almost anything including clothing. It will be very interesting to see what these sticky darts are like, since we’ve seen similar things pop up in the past without much success commercially.

The larger two blasters also have a very interesting attachment on what looks like tactical rails: a pop-up target shield that allows you to ‘capture’ the darts and quickly re-use them. In addition to the blasters, the video reveals they’ll be releasing googles, bandoliers, and some kind of sticky ball to compliment the line of blasters.

We’ve reached out to some of our contacts for some more information, so check back for more information!


The time has come: Elite Suction Darts Review


The first ever Nerf dart was the suction dart, so it is only fitting that each generation of Nerf ammo has a suction variety. The Elite Streamline ushered in a new generation of Nerf darts; and with it, I had thought (read: hoped) there would be a newly designed suction variety of some sort.

Recently, and without forewarning, Hasbro released this new Elite version of the suction dart; one that is made to work with any dart launching blaster, including clip system blasters! Yes, you’ve read that right! These new Universal Elite Suction Darts work quite well with any blaster that fires from clips. I had absolutely no issue firing from clip system blasters, even when using a mix of the Elite Streamline and Elite suction darts.

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