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Light it Up series Lumitron Review

Hey guess what, it’s the Lumitron!  Nerf added a new blaster to the Light it Up series recently, and while it’s basically a repaint of the Vortex Praxis it has those wonderful little features that set it apart from its darker green counterpart.

Let’s talk about the paint on the Lumitron first, because this is the only real thing that sets the Lumitron apart from the Praxis.  I’m going to call this new almost neon green color shared by the Lumitron and Rayven “Light it Up Green”, I like the hue more than the darker alien green of the Vortex series and think it looks really sharp on the Lumitron. Continue reading Light it Up series Lumitron Review


Light it Up Series! (Firefly Tech blasters)

Finally Nerf has released information and pictures on the Light it Up Series Blasters! The Rayven CS-18 and the Lumitron use ‘Firefly Technology’ (glow-in-the-dark ammo) to Light Up your battles! Instead of a built-in flashbulb ‘light charger’ like the original Firefly Blaster, these blasters use special clips with tiny LEDs in them to charge the dart/disc just before firing. Continue reading Light it Up Series! (Firefly Tech blasters)