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Toys “R” Us Nerf Deals for the week of May 9th, 2010

Toys “R” Us is having a 25% off sale on the Unity Power System (aka the “Basic Blaster”) until the 15th of May. That takes a full 10 dollars off it’s base price of 39.99! It’s a great chance to get the powerful Titan AS-1 or the small and accurate Scout IX-3,  and if you’re lucky a well-functioning Hornet AS-6 (I’ve only seen about 1 of 4 work out of the box, but if you find one that works, they are fun). Go Get ‘Em!


Toys “R” Us Two Day Sale!

Toys “R” Us is having a two day sale this Friday and Saturday, both in store and Online. Unfortunately only one Nerf Blaster is included in this sale, and it’s the Maverick REV-6 (not the double your darts package). And its 40% off! That’s right, you can get the Maverick at Toys “R” Us for the low price of $6.59! Get it low while you can on this classic Nerf Blaster!