The AFoN Show Episode 13: Transformers and Star Wars and Marvel, Oh my!

In this, the 13th episode of the Adult Fans of Nerf Show, we discuss Hasbro’s (as well as touching on Kenner as well) non-Nerf dart blasters. (Such as the recent Optimus Prime Cyber Blaster)


4 thoughts on “The AFoN Show Episode 13: Transformers and Star Wars and Marvel, Oh my!

  1. Awesome. I’m not exactly sure which I’m going to get. I did hear there is going to be a barricade elite but I hate the barricade as it is. I’m probably going to get all of them except the elite barricade. I have 3 reasons why I’m buying the other three. First and most importantly, it has 75 feet ranges which is incredible. Secondly, there are some new clip sizes. I love how the retaliator clip is directly in the middle of 6 and 18 with a 12 round capacity clip. The rampage is supposed to be a new version of the raider drum. The only difference is that it has a 25 round drum which is in the middle of the original 35 dart drum from the raider and the 18 round drum from the alpha trooper. Finally, it just has an awesome paint job on it instead of the bright yellow. Not only does it look cool, it also has some new attachments like the new assault grip, butt stock, and the shield on the rampage. I can’t wait for these to come out.

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