10 thoughts on “The AFoN Show Episode 16: We are Elite – Part 2

  1. Thanks, might have to pick up one of the new tac vests to try then. I’m not huge but I’m relatively broad which tends to make things tricky.

    I had planned on a Rampage but between the lack of the shield and bandolier unfriendliness I may stick with my Raider but with the 18 rounder clips. I might pick up a pyrogon though, I haven’t tried any of the Vortex line yet. I had been tempted but I wanted to wait for the slam fire version, fun as the Nitron sounded I knew I’d have been disappointed I’d spent my money on that when Nerf eventually announced something like the Pyrogon. Once they actually announced it, well that put Vortex plans on the back burner. Still a bit worried about the dog choking on the discs if I happen to lose any of them around the house though.

  2. something which blew my mind is no one has mad the connection of the elite line darts and the massacre kits from orange mod works. if most of those kits are designed for clip/streamline blasters and can get up to 100 ft flat, how well would elite darts work in them. since you have elite darts could you try to find this out?

    1. I’m sorry we don’t mod at all. I would try asking over at Nerf Revolution. Someone there is far more likely to know the answer to your question.

  3. If you didn’t watch the entirety of the episode(I know, this one is kinda long) I am wearing an Elite Tactical Vest and highlight how it differs from the original. I like it, however I can fit into slightly smaller sizes of stuff than Mr. K.

  4. I came to the exact same realization at the exact time as you guys did in the video when you mentioned the flip-clips. I started cracking up right along with you.

    I demand an entire episode dedicated to the operation of Hailfires attached together using flip clips and 18-round clips.

  5. Did you get to see the new bandoliers and tac vests? I’ve one of the old N-Strike vests and it’s pretty unimpressive in terms of fitting an adult, I don’t have a bandolier but my Raider only seems to have one viable attachment point in any case. I’m wondering if the new tac vest will be better for fitting adults, and whether the new bandolier and Elite guns will be more practical as a sling?

    1. Well, the Tactical vest uses primarily velcro instead of a zipper to close it, so it does fit adults a little better. But the Bandoliers are the same as the old ones, just with the newer clips and darts. The Rampage and Retaliator have the same setup as their N-Strike counterparts regarding bandolier attachment points, but we didn’t get an opportunity to try one on the Hail-Fire, though it appears to be a bit more bandolier-friendly because it has 3 places for the bandolier to attach.

  6. I have been wondering, considering that the elite line is pushing longer range, why they didn’t give us a longstrike elite blaster? also was there any word on what happened to the planned shield for the rampage.

    1. Well, they decided that 2 ‘mid-sized’ blasters and one ‘large’ blaster was the right amount for the initial release. I believe that they chose to make revised versions of the Recon and Raider because they are some of the most popular clip system blasters (though this is just my theory). Who’s to say they won’t give use an Elite Longstrike. They couldn’t tell us what was coming out in the future other than the Firestrike and Elite Jolt, so only time will tell!

      No one (that I know of) asked about the shield, but I believe that it is either for a store exclusive version of the Rampage, or it was not feasible to include it at the price they wanted to sell it for.

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