The AFoN Show Episode 18: A little ranty


In this episode, we rant a bit! We talk about the new Koosh Galaxy Blasters, the 2012 Battle of the ads, Pyragons, and even show a few Vortex tricks!

Battle of the Ads:

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4 thoughts on “The AFoN Show Episode 18: A little ranty

  1. Regarding the new Nitron: I picked up a Pyragon from Target and the back of my box is showing a Nitron with the Centerfire Scope still. Is it possible there’s a “pre-release” batch of sometype floating around out there?

  2. Regarding the Koosh blaster letting you curve the shot, it’d also be good for psyching someone out. If you know they’re going to try to dodge you could make it fire to the side, which gives you a better chance of hitting them. Of course, given the kiddish nature of the Koosh series, it would work better if it was incorporated into a more powerful blaster, but it’s an interesting idea.

  3. You’re right that the Snapfire will be interesting to see. As things are the only pistol type blasters I’d be happy using as a backup are the Barricade or Speedswarm because of their battery power, the same goes for anyone wanting to dual wield. Having a battery free blaster which doesn’t need to be cocked is a good concept, it just depends on whether the tension of the trigger pull will slow your response down too much to be practical if you need to fire suddenly.

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