6 thoughts on “The AFoN Show Episode 36: Stockade

  1. Hey guys, glad to see your solid opinion on the blaster. When I stick my imported Stockade’s stock on my Stryfe, it wobbles a bit. Does that happen with you guys?

    1. Yep, ours does too. Seems rather strange considering the Stockade has the same type of attachment point that the Stryfe has. But when looking at the Stockade again after you mentioned the Stryfe issue, it seems to have a bit of the same wiggle to it, though it’s less pronounced.

  2. I got my stockade the same way you guys did and it has the same rotating problem, however by removing the trigger lock that goes away completely, my motors seem fine though.

  3. Interesting episode. That said I’m sorry guys but the sound quality in the news segment was horrible, luckily it was fine in the episode proper.

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