7 thoughts on “The AFoN Show Episode 38: Mega Bash

    1. It was so loud that I never got a clear idea what it was, we just went around shooting targets. It seemed to be a pretty messy scoring system for each of the games though.

  1. Great episode as usual guys. I always look forward to your Nerf launch party recap episodes. Your honest opinions and witty commentary are what make your blog unique. My Elite Pin Point Sight got lost in the mail as well but “Raiden” was able to find and additional one and send it to me with a tracking number this time. Fingers crossed. Have you tried the G.I. Joe Retaliation Ninja Commando Blaster? It comes with a “sight” that may be a spot on match to the red of the Centurion. Also, I believe the vortex line will be released this fall with a new color scheme and the Praxis will still come with its stock but this time in white. That could be another option for the Revonix. Keep up the great work guys.

    1. Yes, I do have the commando blaster! That’s a great idea, I’ll have to give it a try when I get home today.

      I can’t believe I forgot that the Praxis stock will be white for the “Color Splash” series! Thanks for reminding me and for being a loyal fan!

  2. You know, I might not feel as excited about these blasters as much as I was after the highlights from the previous events, but that’s probably because this event seems more like a step towards refinement of the Nerf product. They’ve really hit a sweet spot now thanks to the “Elite” engineering philosophy, and everything from here is a showcase of what Nerf can really do with it.

    But what I will say is that the event was just that: a showcase of a wide variety of designs, firing mechanisms, and technical refinements to an already well engineered product. Maybe it’s also just us all getting a little older, but the whole event seemed less “exciting” and more just plain fascinating and more professional. Really, it seems like, just with Elite being the brand growing up so has the focus of the events, focusing on the engineering, markets, and manufacturing of the blaster.

    And on that note I think your commentary on the actual business and manufacturing side of the product can’t be said enough. With what feels like endless “by why can’t they do this? Why aren’t they listing to us?” commentary from the community, it stands to be said that Nerf is in fact a business that needs to be able to balance quality, quantity, and resources to deliver an affordable product on-time and on-budget to dozens of markets around the world. I work in R&D myself and the comment about two years from conception to market is spot on for just about any product, whether it be a toy or a computer processor, and I can also say that, working in R&D, just being slightly over-budget or behind schedule can be life or death for the product. They are doing what they can with what they have; give them a little breathing room. All things considering I would say their development staff has done a phenomenal job.

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