The AFoN Show Episode 48: Perpetual Playthings

In this episode, we go over the Nerf branded items made by Perpetual Play that have been released lately.


2 thoughts on “The AFoN Show Episode 48: Perpetual Playthings

  1. Hi Guys.

    Thanks so much for the Awesome Perpetual Play Group video on our Nerf Elite storage items…we spent a lot of time working on these products to make sure they appealed to the 6-13 Nerf demographic but more importantly the “Nerf Nation” aka AFON like you guys! We just launched these products Fall 13 and we really appreciate the feedback. We also welcome any ideas you might have on next generation Nerf Elite storage /gear or target concepts.
    Best regards,
    Darren Pike
    Perpetual Play Group Limited

  2. I really wish the wristbands had been made like sweatbands, but hey, not a bad pack at all. Good overview, and nice pickups on it being a bad idea to sit/stand on them!

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