The time has come: Elite Suction Darts Review


The first ever Nerf dart was the suction dart, so it is only fitting that each generation of Nerf ammo has a suction variety. The Elite Streamline ushered in a new generation of Nerf darts; and with it, I had thought (read: hoped) there would be a newly designed suction variety of some sort.

Recently, and without forewarning, Hasbro released this new Elite version of the suction dart; one that is made to work with any dart launching blaster, including clip system blasters! Yes, you’ve read that right! These new Universal Elite Suction Darts work quite well with any blaster that fires from clips. I had absolutely no issue firing from clip system blasters, even when using a mix of the Elite Streamline and Elite suction darts.

From my measurements I’ve found that the darts have nearly the same weight as Elite Streamline darts (weighing in at about a gram each). As you can see in the image below, the stem is a bit longer in the suction darts. This stem isn’t as long as the one in original Streamlines, nor is it as dense as the white stem in Elite Streamlines.darts2

On to the meat and potatoes of what you all probably want to know, distance and accuracy versus Elite Streamlines. When I performed my tests, I aimed down a long hallway in the bunker at shoulder height (I’m 5’11”). I did 3 tests with both types of dart (using 6-dart clips) using 3 different blasters: the Rapidstrike, Hammershot, and Elite Alpha Trooper.

Over the course of my tests, I found that the Elite suction darts have a tighter grouping, but the Elite Streamlines get better distance.  On average, there was a difference of about 2 feet between the Streamlines and Suction Darts. Your mileage may vary based upon blaster used and condition of darts (none of the darts were ever used before this test).

The primary feature that separates these darts from the Streamlines is of course the suction cups. The cup on the Elite streamlines is about 2/3rds of the size of the cups on the micro darts in both width and height, and this makes a difference in performance when firing at a pane of glass. With the old Suction darts (the previous generation) I’ve been able to get them to stick to a clean window at nearly any distance. This isn’t the case with the new Elite Suction darts. With the decreased size of the suction cup, there’s a decrease in how well the dart sticks and the cushion provided by the cup. This means that I had a difficult time getting darts to stick at any less than 20′ away from the window I was firing at. So long as you are about 20 feet away or more, the darts stick as well as the micro suction darts that came before them.

91OCL57BucL._SL1500_ The previous generation of Suction darts has always been my favorite type of dart because I enjoy shooting randomly at the windows around me. They are convenient targets for the darts to stick to, and I’ve always liked being able to easily see my firing groups. However these new darts require me to be further away from my target, which in my case doesn’t always work.

All-in-all I do like the new Elite Suction darts, but I still like the Elite Streamlines more. I see the  Elite Streamlines as more practical than the Suction darts in battle, so they are a novelty in my mind like the Suction darts before them. But the novelty is a little worn due to their reduced range (when compared to Elite Streamlines) and requirement to be so far away from your target (compared to the previous generation of Suction darts). If you want more accurate dart with a tighter firing pattern, from my findings during testing, these may be the darts you’re looking for.

I would recommend buying a pack anyway, try them for yourself! They will work great with every blaster made so far that uses micro darts, including all clip system blasters. I purchased two packages of Elite Suction darts on Amazon. You can too, as that seems to be the best place to find them now.



6 thoughts on “The time has come: Elite Suction Darts Review

  1. My elite suctions work great in both my Retaliator and Roughcut. They can stick for hours and not fall down, and they stick even if they’re so close when fired they don’t even completely make it out of the barrel! (~1″) At first they didn’t work as well, but after some use they were fine. Much faster than old ‘suckers’ and maybe more accurate than regular elites. I think I might overhaul my small dart fleet. Try using them only and see if they work after serious use. (P.S. They won’t stick to wood doors—too porous, I guess).

  2. nothing stuck better than the original, “big” darts. We’d stuck em to stone, lightly textured walls, wood doors, even a watch face during the “nerf office wars” of the mid 90’s.

    For indoors, the ability to stick a line of fire along the fridge, dishwasher and stove behind your son as he slides action-hero style into the living room is an acceptable tradeoff for ultimate range. :)

    I d eagerly await a suction tipped Mega dart :)

  3. I see the new suction darts as being more than a novelty, I can get a six inch grouping at 30ft with my modded hailfire/ stryfe, whereas normal elites had a pathetic 5ft grouping at the same range. All of the darts were unused, and the elevation/blaster was the same for both tests. With a plunger gun the difference was far less drastic, but still noticable.

    1. I think you are totally correct. Beyond my initial tests, the suction elite darts perform very well when compared to regular elites in terms of accuracy. It’s a pity though that they don’t seem to stick very well when compared to the suction darts that preceded them.

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