The AFoN Show Episode 5: All the world’s a game!

Here’s the 5th episode of The AFoN Show! In this episode, we talk about games! We are game designers by education (we have bachelors degrees in video game design and development) and we use this unique perspective to talk to you about all the ways that Nerf have come up with to supplement your play experience!

This is going to be the last episode of the year, but don’t worry! We have plenty of content for 2012!

Let us know what you think! We’d also like suggestions on content and segments we could do in future episodes, so leave a comment or email us at contact [at] (we won’t do any modding content at all).


3 thoughts on “The AFoN Show Episode 5: All the world’s a game!

    1. We figured it out, it’s just known as the Tech Target Blaster. The Firestrike is what the Nitefinder is called when it’s packaged as a dart tag blaster.

  1. Another cool episode guys. I want the disk shot… send it to me please lol

    Loving the Nerf dartboard accessory idea, hope Nerf are listening. Also why aren’t Vortex disks orange?!

    The little Reflex is cool.. I don’t think they have them in Australia, just the original :(

    Here’s to Frisbee Golf lol

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