Toys “R” Us Longstrike Exclusive Pack!

Toys “R” Us now has an exclusive Longstrike Package, which comes with the Longstrike CS-6 and it’s usual accessories, as well a  Bandolier Kit! At $35 (The standard version has gone down to $30, from $35), it’s a great deal for anyone who has neither of these items, or someone who wants the Longstrike with a couple of extra clips. If I hadn’t already gotten a Longstrike and several bandoliers, this would definitely be on my to-get list.


One thought on “Toys “R” Us Longstrike Exclusive Pack!

  1. Was at a TRU yesterday, and it’s not just the Longstrike that’s getting a good deal. They had a Deploy that came with a free flip clip connector set. Barrel Break came with a free tactical light. The best of all was a Raider that came with an extra 30-shot clip with darts. Pretty good deals.

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